erm.. there’s forests.. ———


"… … …"

Pivots on a heel. “…—I wish you a pleasant Earth Day. Take care.”


       so it’s earth day.

               go hug a tree or something.


"Nature appreciates its personal space, wouldn’t you think?"

Nine entered the Kingdom



The King had walked down a set of stairs in his casual clothing. Smiling as he walked down towards the person entering his castle. He had only just heard the noise of the door when he walked down as if he was a child meeting someone with a present. “Hello. Are you here on official business or is there anything that I can help you with?


I think there is some type of dessert that the cook just made if you wanted any. I keep forgetting to bring them out to people. I hope you can excuse my manners for not doing so.

One glance at such glamorous attire prompted for knees to bend into a fairly abrupt bow. Respect was obligatory in the presence of royalty, regardless of where they stood in terms of class. Lips parted to utter the reason of her arrival, but the following requests side-tracked her speech.


"…—I appreciate the offer, Your Highness, but I’m quite alright. Thank you, regardless; please don’t degrade your manners. The arrival’s a little — unannounced, so it’s my fault." Lips parted to heave a long sigh before her gaze met his once more.

"…—I’m in search of someone, really.”

TRACK NAME: サリシノハラ


サリシノハラ 歌ってみた あおと (Sarishinohara)

Covered by あおと (Aoto)
Composed by みきとP (MikitoP)
Illustration by CHRIS

☠ ur beauty make all the vy come to the yard

if it my yard, then you can stay 5evereternity and you know it waggles brows bUT OTHER THAN THAT


SCREEEEECHES AND SOBS AT YOU ain’t lettin’ you go nope nope and loOK WHO’S TALKIN’ ABOUT BEAUTY Y’CROWN HOLDER. Because everyone can agree that terebi-chan in character and out of character is mm mm gold sERIOUSLY GODIVA CHOCOLATE’S SILKINESS AIN’T GOT NOTHIN’ ON YOU.

gotta go ‘cause i have a date with kradness now k eheEHE EHEHh he — stay lovely! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Anonymous whispered:
you. i've crushed on you for a while now and i'm fairly certain you know who i am behind this gray mask. we've been friends for a long while now--the best of friends. you've been there for me and i for you. i've come to adore every single part of you to my deepest core and i can't help but feel absolutely enthralled in your presence, ponyo. who /wouldn't/ harbor these feelings towards someone such as yourself? someone so brilliant, kind and earnest. <3
tell me on anon which tumblr user u have a crush on

System failure crashing because cannot handle all this am o ur repEAT CA N N OT HANDLE ALL THE SWEET AND AJSJKDJKSHKDJ-NESS —


Sweet dear, I’m just a silly ol’ goldfish swimmin’ around in this sea called life in the most casual manner. It honestly warms my heart in a manner that’s honestly inexplicable! I’VE ALWAYS BEEN TERRIBLE WITH VOICING HOW MUCH SOMETHING AFFECTS ME BUT JUST KNOW THAT SPEECHLESS = A GOOD THING. Calling me kind and earnest reflects who you are, too. I love you so much, so much, that I honestly wish I could find a trillion words to express it. But I’m content with letting actions of embracing and everything speak louder than mere adjectives. I hope I never disappoint you, sweet dear — I know for a fact that, in my eyes, you most certainly won’t. EverThank you for your feelings, honestly, stay marvelous, stay formidable, always! ♥

ic ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ) thankyouforthesmile


mon chérie
  • "Every time we walk together, you always, always maintain your pace with mine. I’m sure it’s a habit that’s portrayed when you’re with others, too. It’s just…really reassuring. And the fact that you cater to my fantasy of hand-holding, too, aha… It’s always relaxing with you. I like that…you aren’t afraid to open up to me. I like how we muster up some colourful new vocabulary in our conversations, but it’s always, always…something I anticipate.”
  • "You don’t hear. You listen. And you immediately silence the voices uttering bullshit anywhere near your direction, if…I haven’t already pierced about a billion holes in their bodies.”
  • "You sacrifice so much for everyone and never demand anything in return; it’s so alluring, the family-oriented sincerity you have. And I hate being all ‘me-me-I-I’ here, but… …you’ve sacrificed precious, precious time through incorporating memories of the wonderful you in days that were formerly bitter. You’ve sacrificed so much by not only accepting me, but accepting my kid, as well. I just want to give you all the happiness in the world. Everything.”
  • "I’ve always admired a man with a knack for the culinary arts. That admiration involved into something more after I met you, someone who incorporates passion in his creations, not bitter obligation.” 
  • "You’re not afraid to admit to your insecurities, nor are you incapable in striving towards betterment. Admittance is the strongest form of strength — those people are the most powerful of souls. I’ve never once doubted that about you, nor will I ever. After rain, the ground stands on harder ground — and sweetheart, nothing’s strong enough to bring you down.”