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—And one firm swipe up is made to secure a dark, silk tie.


"…Bring it on.”

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"Coffee or tea?" 

"Coffee sounds good."

/casually drops own url

"—Gosh, you’re adorable. I don’t know how to properly describe it, but…your nature’s just inviting, y’know? You’re so whole-hearted in your words and your actions. And vibrant — man, is there anything that breaks past that barrier of yours?”


"Seriously, you’re lovable. Someone to look forward to seeing, to hearing from… Hey, don’t let anything get you down, y’hear? Ah, but you’ve influenced people to such a high level that they’ll probably make those harmful sources pay for plaguing you with cruelty.”

talk about that smokin hot babe walkinginareverie ooc

Ten out of ten would ba — mmm, well for one, I give a standing ovation to her luck. Snagging a hottie like that turtle’s definitely a miracle. A life-long commitement, too, huh? Damn. She’s gonna have a nice, nice life.” 


"Ey, Yuri, why don’t you ask your mun to send in her own URL? She can ditch the goldfish so we could spend eternity finding a substitute for soda, if you know what I me—”

                                                  And suddenly a frying pan is chucked at her face.

keep it confidential ✿ [ frxternite ]



                    ’ There are { p l e n t y } of places to hide here,
                                                  it’s literally a den for murderers. ’

          Theres a steady glance between the room and the lady, gold hues
          analytic and skeptical over the surrounding while making sure the other
          was safe as she was. There were a few things that Arno hadn’t gotten
          used to after becoming a ‘bodyguard' — sure he was used to being an
          assassin, born and bred as one for that matter; but when he took up
          this mission he hadn’t expected to become someone to focus on
          protecting rather than killing. The most he had ever protected was
          probably a few people he’d never remember in those rare moments
          where civillians were included — such an extensive job was new to him.
          He didn’t particularly enjoy the foreign feeling.

                   ’ And ‘it’ is not a needle, god forbid that downgrading name
                                        — — — ‘it’ is a Hidden Blade. ’

          All he was every told to do was just to ensure by the end of four 
          months, the lady remained alive and well and away from any dangers.
          And that was a fact that Arno intended to keep throughout his stay.
          The only alarming thing for him was how low the amount of suspicious
          activity that lurked around the other, she was practically clean from
          any fault from what the Frenchman had seen.
          No one seemed to hate her, there were no charges against her.

                          ’ Why are we here anyways? ’

          Yet there Arno found himself.

"… …—oh, sorry, I wasn’t aware that murderers immersed themselves in an area completely open for observation.” It wasn’t possible to further emphasize upon the sarcasm in a concrete tone. 

Lips released a prolonged sigh as a palm dragged down her face. Handling this proved to be difficult day-by-day; complaining about his work-habits made it seem as if though she’d been the least bit appreciative of actions solely pursued for the sake of protecting both herself and the vicinity of the company. But — it just seemed way out of hand at times. There’d been various occasions in which this man potentially posed as more of a threat than any other instance. Let’s not even trail back to the attempted rooftop attack. Swift, he’d once dubbed it to be. Despite the fact that his intentions remained positive, reality blinded individuals to viewing the same scenario as Arno envisioned.

"The — Hidden Blade… …needs to be put away somewhere where it’s obscured from sight. Listen, it’s trouble if you walked around the streets holding those. What am I going to tell the police? ‘That’s just how we roll'—?!” Sigh. Arms cross atop her chest as stilettos commence a slow stride around the garden's area. 

"We’re here because I want to reassure you about a few things. I know that my explanation earlier regarding our guests wasn’t entirely convincing; however, there’s no need to raise our guards beyond the normal limit. They’re — a special case, yes, but they’ll know better than to cause a ruckus." Legs arrive at a halt as optics lift to settle upon his visage. A few steps forward are made before a single palm offers a pat to his shoulder.

"—It took me long, long nights to convince them into attended this information meeting… Please don’t let me lose that chance.”


DATING TIP: Hold the door for your date. Rip the door off its hinges. Use the door as a weapon to fight off other men. Establish dominance.


          I got a present for the little hunk, too. Sorry I missed the big day…— ahaha.  Though the chirp dies down, bright hues and their glimmer do not.  We’ll call it even, then.


          Anyway, I’d love that! Ooh, can I braid your hair? I haven’t been to a slumber party in, like, forever. You can tell me aaaall about that lame delivery boy, too.

          An index finger immediately presses at her own lips — an indication that words of that caliber were completely unnecessary. “Hey, no apologies; after all, there’ll be many… …many more. He’s just anticipating a kiss from his favorite aunty.” Nod, nod. 


          “This hair’s aaaall yours to experiment with, aha; sounds fun.” Lips purse into a grin. “Theo, though, huh…? We’ll all kick back together one day. He’s a gem, I tell you; hey, maybe you guys can spar.” A single brow quirks. “Though, when’s the lucky guy gonna cross your path so I can swoon over your adventures~? After I — background check the jer… …man.”

"Mhm, got it… …mhm, it’s there… …—" Tap, tap.

"Then — what am I forgetting…?”